Los Angeles County 

Alcohol and Other Drug 
Surveillance Dashboard

From 2013-2022, alcohol- and drug-related overdose deaths in the Los Angeles County increased by 233%. This dashboard serves to track patterns in alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and its consequences, including availability, prevalence of use, driving under the influence, poisoning, healthcare utilization, deaths, and substance use disorder treatment in Los Angeles County. Service Planning Area (SPA), Supervisorial District (SD),  and city level data are available for some metrics. The information presented here can be used to inform data-driven planning of and to evaluate prevention and treatment services.  

Key Indicators: Los Angeles County

Key Trends: Los Angeles County

From 2012-2021, AOD-related hospitalizations in LAC increased 43%

From 2010-2019, DUI arrests
in LAC decreased 42%

From 2012-2021, AOD-related 
ED visits in LAC increased 34%

From 2012-2021, hospital spending for AOD-related hospitalizations in LAC increased 166% (2022 US dollars)

From 2013-2022, overdose deaths in LAC increased 233%

From FY1718-FY2122, SUD treatment admissions increased 10% and patients decreased 11% in LAC


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