Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Los Angeles County

This dashboard serves to track patterns in persons experiencing homelessness (PEH) with substance use disorder (SUD) in Los Angeles County (LAC). Data on the prevalence of SUD, SUD treatment, and SUD related deaths among PEH in LAC are presented.

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SUD Treatment

Key Indicators

16,431 (24%)

PEH with SUD
of all PEH

18,722 (35%)

PEH SUD Treatment Admissions
of all SUD Treatment Admissions (2021)

1,488 (37%)

PEH Deaths Due to Overdose 
of all PEH Deaths

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Updated 12/14/2023

This dashboard was developed by the Health Outcomes and Data Analytics (HODA) Division of the Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (SAPC) Bureau in the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. For information regarding this story, please contact Tina Kim, PhD at